​​​​​Providing home owners with distressed properties positive solutions and answers

At Lion Valley Properties LLC, we pride ourselves in helping individuals or families come up with solutions during a very stressful time. We bring an unrivaled depth of experience to successfully prevent homeowners from losing everything in the event of a foreclosure. Working closely with our attorneys, we draw from our many resources to help make the process of foreclosure a little less overwhelming.  

Please allow us to guide you and show you the best way to avoid a total loss during foreclosure and how to quickly receive funds for your home. We can inform you of your rights during foreclosure and the sheriff sale process.  During a free consultation, we will help you understand the redemption rights that are granted to homeowners going through foreclosure and how you can use those rights to create the best plan of action for your particular situation.

Our goal is to provide the homeowner a quick and easy way out of a bad situation. We work with  knowledgeable and reliable attorneys and title companies to come up a solution that fits your specific needs best. 



 Lion Valley Properties is family owned and operated.  We pride ourselves in our high moral code and Christian values and ethics.  We honestly care about our clients and want each one to feel comfortable and well taken care of in this process.